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You surely made the class informative but we had lots of fun too--and that's the way I like to learn!!! Thank you again for all you do to make our class such a success!!!
Joyce T., West Hartford, CT

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We offer a range of party themes, but examples include:

• In the Dough
Overcome "yeast anxiety" and learn how to make terrific bread from scratch! Learn about essential ingredients and equipment, how to knead, and more! click for more info
Priced from $19/person (6 minimum) + $150/party

• Let's Do Brunch
Typically includes quiche and omelets for egg-lovers plus French toast or crepes for sweet tooths. click for more info
Priced from $24/person (6 minimum) + $150/party

• Hors d'Oeuvres
Good option for an event that's too late for lunch and too early for dinner. Choices include assorted salads, fresh-made dip-n-scoops, potstickers, and soups. click for more info
Priced from $24/person (8 minimum) + $150/party

• not just for kids Pizza Party
We'll start by making dough. Guests also prepare toppings like roasted peppers and caramelized onions. Each guest then creates their own personal pizza! click for more info
Priced from $29/person (6 minimum) + $150/party

• Pasta Bar Party
We provide an assortment of pastas, sauces, and mix-ins. Each guest combines selections to create a unique personalized entree for themselves! click for more info
Priced from $29/person (6 minimum) + $150/party

• Kabob Party
The ultimate in versatility, this option has something for everyone with choices of beef, chicken, lamb, pork, fish, and vegetarian. A grill is not required. click for more info
Priced from $39/person (6 minimum) + $150/party

• Playing with Fire
This seasonal theme focuses on grilling "real food" like steak, pork, lamb, shrimp, scallops, swordfish, tuna, and fresh veggies. We can even provide the grill! click for more info
Priced from $39/person (6 minimum) + $150/party

• The Gourmet Dinner
Learn to cook a complete meal starting with an appetizer or soup course, an elegant entree like steak au poivre, veal or chicken picatta, or shrimp scampi, starch, fresh veggies, and finish with dessert. Makes a great gift! click for more info
Priced from $49/person (4 minimum) + $150/party

We appreciate that many of our clients enjoy wine with food, and we are pleased to accommodate you with BYOB whenever possible. Obviously, events held in some venues will have alcohol restrictions beyond our control.

This is an area where we can save you money! The "bar tab" is often the most expensive part of dining out or entertaining at a restaurant. By providing your own, you can not only realize a tremendous savings, but you can also choose exactly what you want from the large selection at your favorite store.

Several themes accommodate dietary restrictions and provide lactose-free, vegetarian, and organic options. Kosher options are not available at this time. Please contact us with your dietary concerns.

Special Events:
We can also provide a unique experience for special events, such as fundraisers and corporate functions. We have several kitchen venue options for parties and events. Please contact us to discuss your event!

Each party is unique and priced accordingly. Cash prices on this page are guidelines. Each event includes a flat $150/party charge plus a per-person charge that varies depending on your menu, group size, venue, and options. Parties on holidays require a quote. Guests added the day of an event can be up to twice the regular price.

Prices include milage to/from your event location in West Hartford. We add milage at the standard IRS rate for parties requiring additional travel.

Always appreciated and completely discretionary.
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