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I wanted to thank you for your instructions, it was great learning from you and I look forward to trying all the recipes in the future!
Noel S., West Hartford, CT

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This party has something for everyone! We start by pre-cooking 2 or 3 types of pasta, often including one "regular" and one multi-color with veggies right in the pasta dough.

Guests begin with an 8" saute pan and select a sauce from at least 3 choices: marinara (red), basil pesto (green), or alfredo, lemon, or Asian peanut (regular or spicy). They can even mix two sauces to create a tomato-basil or vodka cream. They add their chosen pasta and give it a quick stir.

Then guests add any of a number of mix-ins. These can include veggies, meats, olives, and shellfish. The pan goes on the stove for just a few minutes to heat things up and is ready to plate. With just a standard kitchen range and our side burners, 3 or 4 guests can cook at the same time, and everyone will be dining together in very short order.

Guests can finish their dish off with a variety of toppings including grated cheese or chopped nuts.

You may provide menus so guests can check off what they want before they start cooking! It's a lot of fun, and there's something for everyone, even vegetarians and vegans, and can also be lactose-free and organic on request. We can even put your menu on-line so guests can use an iPad, tablet, or smart-phone to make selections and print their choices!

Parties normally come with appetizers and desserts. Fresh-made Caesar salad pairs nicely with this theme, and chocolate mousse has been a popular finale!

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Pasta Bar Menu
(all options shown)

Step 1: Choose your Pasta
(OK to mix types)
Tri-Color Veggy
Whole Grain

Step 2: Choose your Sauce
(OK to mix sauces)
Classic Marinara
4-Cheese Alfredo
Basil Pesto
Sundried Tomato Pesto
Lemon Cream
Asian Peanut
Spicy Peanut

Step 3: Choose your Extras
Bacon Pieces
Grilled Chicken
Black Olives
Green Olives
Green Peas
Sundried Tomatoes

Step 4: Choose your Toppings
Asiago Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Romano Cheese

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