What You Need
• Digital TV with a built-in digital (ATSC) tuner
   - LCD / LED / Plasma


• Analog TV (NTSC) with digital converter
   - $60 @ Radio Shack
   - $140 from Channel Master (highly rated)
   - read the reviews at Consumer Reports
Antenna capable of receiving TV signals
   - outdoor antennas usually require a mount and mast (pipe)
   - outdoor antennas require a feed line (cable) to the TV
   - directional antennas may need a rotor to aim at multiple stations
• You may need to distribute the signal to multiple TVs
   - splitter is OK for strong signals
   - distribution amplifier is best for weak signals
   - may be able to use existing cable outlets
Indoor or small antennas may need an amplifier
   - preamp mounted at antenna is best
   - booster amp can be mounted indoors
   - distribution amp feeds multiple TVs
• You need to program your TV with available channels  
• To substitute internet streaming for pay-per-view you need broadband internet