Program TV Channels

Whether you are using a new HDTV or converter box, you will need to program the device to use your antenna. This is especially true if you are switching from cable or satellite.

Program the TV (or converter box):

1. Turn the TV or converter box on.
2. Click Menu on the remote
3. Go to Settings
4. Go to Channel/Setup
5. Change Signal Type from Cable to Antenna or Air
6. Choose Auto Program and then Start to find all available channels.
7. Exit Setup and go to a channel you want to watch.
8. Adjust the antenna if necessary for the best reception.
   - most TVs and converters have a built-in signal strength meter
   - adjust the antenna for maximum signal on the weakest station
   - use a compass to aim the antenna at a distant transmitter

When in doubt, refer to the instruction manual for your TV or converter box for device-specific steps.