Antenna Options

There is a wide range of antennas to choose from based on your budget, mounting options, and local geography. Use the navigation buttons above to see different sizes and types. Most stations in our area are broadcast in the UHF band except channels 8 and 22 which are VHF and thus require a dual-band antenna.

Indoor antennas are convenient but will only get strong channels like 3.x (CBS), 18.x (UNI), 24.x (PBS), 30.x (NBC), and 61.x (FOX). Don't expect to pull in distant stations from New Haven like 8-ABC or from Springfield like 40-ABC or 57-PBS with an indoor antenna.

If your antenna does not pull in the channels you want, you can often improve the signal by simply moving or elevating the antenna. Even with an indoor antenna, you might have the option of putting the antenna higher in your home and using a longer cable or extension to reach the TV.

Outdoor antennas perform best, preferably high above other parts of the house. You can also locate your antenna in the attic with some loss (up to half) of signal. This will prevent damage from ice and snow.

If you have a directional antenna and want to pull in weak stations from opposite directions, you can use a rotor to turn the antenna towards the broadcast tower of choice. Multi-directional antennas like the DB8e and HDB8X have sections that can be aimed in different directions, thereby negating the need for a rotor. Sometimes 2 separate antennas offer a workable alternative either with a switch or feeding different TVs.

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