Indoor Antennas

Indoor antennas are convenient but will only get a limited number of strong channels like 3.x (CBS), 18.x (UNI), 24.x (PBS), 30.x (NBC), and 61.x (FOX). Don't expect to pull in stations from New Haven (8-ABC) or Springfield (57-PBS) with an indoor antenna. You can couple an indoor antenna with a signal booster (amplifier) which might pull in a few more channels.

Super-thin Flexible Options:  
• Winegard Flatwave
   - dual-band covers UHF & VHF channels
   - one side white / one side black
   - includes 15-foot attached cable
   - available locally at Home Depot
   - mini and amplified versions available
   - available from Amazon and Solid Signal
• Mohu Leaf (passive) & Leaf Ultimate (amplified)
   - optimized for UHF band
   - one side white / one side black
   - includes 16-foot detachable cable
   - read a review
   - passive model at Amazon & Solid Signal
   - amplified model available from Crutchfield

Rigid Stand-up Options:  
• Antennas Direct ClearStream Micron-R
   - optimized for UHF band
   - includes reflector & 6-foot cable
   - includes base & wall mounting hardware
   - XG model includes amplifier
   - available locally at Best Buy

• Channel Master SMARTenna
   - indoor/outdoor design
   - includes table top stand to use indoors
   - includes wall and mast mounts to use outdoors
   - available from Crutchfield and Solid Signal

• RCA 1600 & 1650
   - amplified and passive versions available
   - includes 6-foot cable
   - available locally at Lowes
   - available at Amazon and Solid Signal
   - 1650 worked well in Consumer Reports
• Radio Shack 15-254
   - amplified
   - dual-band covers UHF & VHF channels
   - includes 6-foot cable
   - worked well in Consumer Reports

• Read reviews at Consumer Reports

If you are using an indoor antenna, installation is usually simple:
• Position the antenna near your TV
• Connect the antenna to the TV
Program the TV

If your antenna does not pull in the channels you want, you can often improve the signal by moving or elevating the antenna. Even with an indoor antenna, you might have the option of putting the antenna higher in your home or even in the attic and using a longer cable or extension to reach the TV.