Small Antennas

The Winegard Freevision FV-HD30 is our favorite small antenna.

Small - Moderate Gain Favorite:  
• Winegard Freevision FV-HD30
   - small and unobtrusive
   - inexpensive ($35)
   - mounting options for wall or mast
   - dual-band covers UHF & VHF channels
   - it just plain works!
   - available locally at Home Depot
   - available from Amazon and Solid Signal
   - watch this Winegard video on YouTube
• Winegard Freevision on the author's home
   - attached to downspout
   - under eave = out of weather
   - secured with 2 nylon cable ties
   - lead in cable hidden behind downspout
   - black body is paintable
   - painted white it would be almost invisible