Inexpensive Antennas

Want to try over-the-air TV but not ready to make a large financial commitment or climb up on the roof (or into the attic)? One of these inexpensive options might be enough to get you started.

Free & Almost Free Options:  
• Quick & Easy Antenna
   - just a paperclip and iPod USB cable
   - get instructions & make your own
   - so simple a cave man can make one!
• Simple wire loop antenna
   - optimized for UHF band
   - compact: 7.5-inch diameter
   - get instructions & make your own
   - requires a matching transformer
• Rod & Loop antenna
   - dual-band covers UHF & VHF channels
   - cost $6 ~ $10
   - comes with cable & connector
   - available at Home Depot & Walmart

• Make your own coathanger antenna
   - get plans
   - visit this web site for info
   - watch this video on YouTube
   - optimized for UHF band
   - updated version for VHF channels
   - requires a matching transformer

• Eagle Aspen DTV2BUHF
   - optimized for UHF band
   - DirecTV-approved for terrestial broadcast TV
   - similar to Antennas Direct DB2
   - can be found online for $12 ~ $20
   - from Amazon and Tiger Direct and Walmart