An Illustrated Novella
by D. Kirk


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Photo Credits:
• Manning the Bridge, 2010, by D. Kirk
• Russian Oscar-II Class Submarine, 2009, by Mike1979 Russia, via Wikipedia
• Russian Akula Class Submarine, 2008, by Alexpl, via Wikipedia
• Russian Typhoon Class Submarine, 2009, by Alexpl, via Wikipedia
• Gilbert Erector Set, 2008, by Jim Henderson, via Wikipedia, public domain
• Submarine Noise Comparison, 2010, by Voytek S, via Wikipedia
• Paraglider, 2000, by D. Kirk
• Ilikai Marina, 2011, by D. Kirk
• AIM-54 Phoenix Missile, 2016, by unknown, via Wikipedia, public domain

Other images are U.S. Navy photos, U.S. Air Force photos, or U.S. Coast Guard photos which are works of a member or employee of a U.S. armed service, taken or made as part of that person’s official duties. As works of the U.S. federal government, these images are in the public domain in the United States.

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