An Illustrated Novella
by D. Kirk



“I loved it! I was absolutely spellbound. And, it is a situation that could readily occur. The text is fully believable. Especially with our devious president. Are you sure you did not copy it from Clancy?”
– Jeffrey W.

"An intriguing yarn with a good insight into the emerging Seawolf submarine technology of the 1990s."
Melody P.

"I'm almost finished with you book. It is very well written and easy to read."
– Jon D.

“I think you’ve got some wonderful stuff here.”
– Sally S.

“Wow, this is developing nicely. What a creation you have here, D.!”
– George S.

“We had a strange sense of déjà vu when we read this book! Is this really fiction?”
– Anonymous

“A good fast read. Just the right length for a rainy summer weekend.”
– D. Kirk

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