An Illustrated Novella
by D. Kirk



24 June 1995: The Cold War officially ended with the dissolution of the Soviet Union five years ago, yet Russian submarines continue to prowl the world’s oceans, and American subs continue to stalk them. Sometimes, this amounts to tailgating each other. Accidents are inevitable and occur several times. Tensions remain high, and lives are lost on both sides.

Buzz Nelson is skipper of Seawolf, a brand new class of nuclear-powered fast attack submarines. His new killing machine is very stealthy, the quietest ever built. During an exercise, he is hunted and found by a U.S. anti-submarine patrol plane testing a new type of detector. He is very disappointed. His new sub is vulnerable, and something has to be done!

A similar situation occurred during World War II when the Allies used long-range B-24 patrol bombers with radar to finally end the carnage wreaked by German U-boats. As a result, subs back then had guns to defend themselves from an air attack.

Nuclear submarines are supposed to stay submerged. They have no business loitering on the surface where they can be detected and attacked. For this reason, there are no guns on modern subs.

If nuclear submarines are vulnerable to an attack from the air, why didn't anyone think to find a solution to this problem? This book is about a new top-secret defensive weapon system to deal with this weakness, and what happens when it goes completely off the rails.


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