Publishing for Print and eBooks

We understand documentation workflow as well as just-in-time operation. We have created customized instructions for unique situations that were designed, PDF'd, emailed, printed, and shipped all in the same afternoon.

We are cost-efffective. High quality documentation reduces customer service costs down the road. Well written and properly illustrated manuals help prevent unhappy customers and expensive calls to your help desk.

We use a team approach when appropriate, but you don't pay for the whole team when you don't need it.

Instafax can be your 1-stop shop for fully illustrated technical instruction manuals.

Using industry standard graphic arts software, you are assured of professional looking documents for print, multimedia, or web distribution.

We specialize in high quality PDFs created in Adobe's Creative Suite including Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

We also offer specialized graphic design services including schematic diagrams and technical drawings (click examples below to enlarge):

Schematic Diagrams

Isometric Assembly Diagrams

Graphic files can be supplied in many formats:
• EPS or TIF for print
GIF, JPG, PNG for web
• PDF for downloads
• PSD with separate layers
and others for integration into engineering drawings.


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