About Us

INSTAFAX was founded in 1999 with a strong background in engineering, graphics, and business problem solving.

We originally offered websites that instantly delivered fax messages and orders to clients, hence the name.

It was a particularly useful solution when integrated with a clickable online menu for restaurants (pizza, sandwich shops, and ethnic foods) long before internet connectivity became ubiquitous.

This service was discontinued when restaurants gravitated to more sophisticated systems. We no longer offer internet faxing services.


  • Custom website design and rock-solid UNIX hosting

  • Training and Support for Adobe Creative Suite

  • Publishing guidance for both print and ebooks, including technical documentation and specialized graphics
  • Over 45 years of business experience including 25 years in web design and hosting

What makes INSTAFAX unique is the virtually unsurpassed level of service offered to our clients. When you call us, you will have our undivided attention.

Unlike large organizations, INSTAFAX will react dynamically to your needs whether this involves an update to your web site, in-house training, or a documentation project.

INSTAFAX will meet or exceed your expectations in whatever we provide for your organization.

INSTAFAX is 100% US-based and located in Connecticut.


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