Almost Believable Pure Bullshit

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

15 June 2023

The country's most powerful elected Republicans defend Trump's bathroom as a suitable storage facility for the nation’s most sensitive secrets. These officials have gone to considerable lengths to play down the serious crimes Trump has been charged with even though they previously wanted to put Hillary Clinton in jail for similar offenses.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the House Judiciary Committee chairman, says he takes Trump “at his word” that he “mentally” declassified everything before leaving office (even though there’s an actual tape of Trump saying that he didn’t).

There's just one problem with this defense. If Trump can virtually declassify documents by thinking about it, then he is also guilty of rape for thinking about what he would do with the over two dozen women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah):
“By all appearances, the Justice Department and special counsel have exercised due care, affording Mr. Trump the time and opportunity to avoid charges that would not generally have been afforded to others” ... “Mr. Trump brought these charges upon himself by not only taking classified documents, but by refusing to simply return them when given numerous opportunities to do so.”

Well, at least one republican got it right.

The degree to which anyone continues to support this despicable excuse for an American is beyond explanation. Trump set new records for narcissism, dishonesty, and delusion at a presidential level. That evangelical Christians embrace this demagogue defies all logic. Trump defines the Antichrist.

Trump is an unemployed game show host and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Add these new federal charges, if upheld in court, and he has no business in Washington ever again.

Stand by for more lies and bullshit as Trump's case moves forward. Sadly, it will detract from all other candidates who might be worthy of consideration.

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