Almost Believable Pure Bullshit

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

9 June 2023

Canada is on the hook for smoking out northeastern US states this week. Having created apocalyptic skies, many New Yorkers asked them to "take the smoke back" as if that was possible.

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT), wearing his signature mittens, complained via Zoom to Canadian ambassor Kirsten Hillman who quickly retorted that a strong power vacuum in the US caused their air to move south. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) proposed a wall along the border with Canada but failed to offer any way to pay for it.

Twice-indicted former president Donald Trump told the faithful that his administration would have put fans up on the border blowing air and Clorox towards Canada... and thereby kill two birds with one stone. Trump's brilliance never ceases to amaze me. Just imagine all those Canadians with bleached hair! No problem. Trump has a HUGE legal team, and he needs one.

Once again, Biden has been "soft on Canada" with an open border allowing smoke-filled air to enter our country unchecked. New York Governor Kathy Hochul is under similar attack for letting smoke permeate her state. Indeed, the AQI (air quality index) in New York City set a new record at 405 on Wednesday afternoon.

This was bound to happen, and could have been prevented. Yeah, right! The problem is, many are stupid enough to actually believe it. The real trouble: the forest fire season is just getting started, and this is likely to happen again before fires are extinguished and/or weather patterns change.

In the trenches, NYC Mayor Eric Adams was called out for not telling citizens to wear a mask soon enough. These same people didn't wear one to stay alive during the pandemic. Amazing they now complain about NOT being told to do so.

Meanwhile, folks who couldn't pass a grade school science test can't see how climate change is related. They don't even believe in climate change. It is, after all, just fake news, a hoax, right? Maybe, if you are a Scarecrow without a brain. By the way, he watched Fox News, until the Wizard fixed him up with a diploma.

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