Almost Believable Pure Bullshit

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

10 May 2023

Boeing 757-200 tail number N757AF left United States airspace just after 4pm heading east over the north Atlantic with an intermediate destination of Reykjavik specified in the one-way flight plan.

Hours later, Icelandic air traffic control confirmed the final destination of the plane just departed as Moscow International Airport.

This flight would be unremarkable except for those onboard. It is believed that N757AF, owned by Trump Properties LLC, stopped to pick up a single male passenger resembling George Santos who had just arrived in Reykjavik from JFK Airport in New York.

Russian president Vladimir Putin had previously invited Donald Trump to visit but, after learning of his significant legal entanglements, upped the offer to enjoy retirement in a lavish family-owned villa in the countryside.

Longtime Trump friend and bail bondsman Duane Chapman, known on TV as Dog the Bounty Hunter, appeared distraught on the A&E network because, after being indited, both Trump and Santos were forced to surrender their passports to court authorities.

Rewards have already been posted by the US Marshalls Service, and GoFundMe accounts are being set up by Trump and Santos supporters.

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