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1 April 2023

WEST PALM BEACH - Pharmaceutical startup Prior, LLC announced the impending release of its premier drug LipiGen this morning.

According to co-founder Billie Wong, rather than start from scratch with new research, company scientists sought to "stand on shoulder of giant" by combining "tired and true" existing formulas already known for their acceptance by the general public.

In its initial form, LipiGen will include 20mg of atorvastatin (aka Lipitor) and 10mg of apoaequorin (aka Prevagen).

The concept is simple enough for laypeople to understand. Statins, the medication group to which atorvastatin belongs, impair memory function. A large study including nearly 1 million subjects revealed a 4-fold increase in memory loss among the half who took daily statins vs the control half taking placebos. The study was documented by JAMA in August 2015.

Prevagen is thought by those taking it to improve memory function, thereby possibly negating at least some of the statin's ill effects. Customers suggest combining Prevagen with daily prayer to maximize the drug's potential.

While the blood cholesterol-reducing benefits of statins are known, it remains to be proven if adding apoaequorin will yield positive results.

In fact, one must now sum all the side effects of a statin with those of apoaequorin when considering whether to take the combination.

For example, patients could simultaneously deal with muscle pain caused by the statin component and a fish allergy reaction from jellyfish protein in the apoaequorin component. Many other combination side effects are possible, and customers should ask their doctor if LipiGen is right for them.

The new pills will initially be made available in capsule form showing two differently colored halves, white and blue. Prior Pharmaceuticals will simply buy off-the-shelf Lipitor and Prevagen and pulverize tablets together in what amounts to a large motorized grinder before filling capsules with the new magic dust.

Since both medications are already on the market, Mr. Wong suggested additional testing will not be necessary. Note that FDA approval may be years away as the application process is in an initial phase.

Statins are generally covered by most prescription drug plans, so it can be assumed that LipiGen may be covered as well, even though its Prevagen component is OTC and only included in HSA plans.

Look for additional new releases on LipiGen from Prior Pharmaceutical at this time again next year.

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