Almost Believable Pure Bullshit

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

7 Feb 2023

This morning, members of the Republican caucus accused Canada of allowing an excess of unusually cold air to enter the United States, crossing into the country at multiple locations last weekend. Over a dozen deaths have been correlated with this unprovoked incident.

Fox News immediately called out President Biden for lax security on the largely unmonitored 5,525 mile border, saying this kind of incursion happens much too often to be ignored any longer. Host Tucker Carlson commented this was just more solid evidence Biden was "soft on Canada."

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has proposed a 200-foot high border wall which she says will also keep out predatory animals and skunks. She wants Canadians to pay for the wall, which they promptly rejected as a ridiculous political stunt.

Congressional Democrats came to Biden's defense, noting how improved NOAA weather systems were able to detect the incoming cold air exactly as predicted using new modeling software his administration paid for. The previous Trump administration had often ignored this same kind of event, referring to it as "fake news" so typical of mainstream media. Trump tweeted on Truth Social that the deadly weekend cold snap made it obvious scientists on the global warming bandwagon were crazed idiots.

The Canadian response was quick and pointed when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blamed a Chinese weather balloon for the unexpectedly cold air. He noted that it had been quite mild right up to the balloon event. The weather returned to normal soon after the United States shot the balloon down, which he offered as proof it was the cause. The Canadian government will lodge a protest with Chinese ambassador Cong Peiwu as soon as he can be found. Last reports had him hunting moose somewhere in New Brunswick, probably illegal, as the hunting season ended in December.

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