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"I happen to believe that you should learn to feed yourself and maybe a few others. ... Instead of shutting down home ec. we should have just expanded it and made everybody take it."
- Anthony Bourdain

Fresh Made Pasta from Scratch to Sauce
Learn how to make perfect pasta dough from scratch and then roll and cut it into noodles like fettuccine and tagliatelle. We will cover both hand-made (so you can do it at home without special equipment) and using a simple pasta machine for larger batches. We'll also cover several great sauces to go with our fresh pasta and coloring pasta using vegetables. Come alone or with a friend to share the fun. 1 session this term:
• Thursday - Apr 26 - 6 to 8:30PM
   @ Conard High School (West Hartford)
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     Contact LifeLearn at 860-561-6900 to register by phone.

This course was inspired by the Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles from the folks at Cook's Illustrated Magazine. See my reading list for more info. We will use the instructor's copy as a master reference for this course along with recipes and class notes in his own cookbook.

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Syllabus & Notes:

Fresh-made Noodles
Egg fettuccine - the best you ever had!
Classic Alfredo sauce
Other class options:
• Mesclun salad
Smoky tomato vinaigrette
Whole wheat fettuccine - surprisingly good
Spinach fettuccine - veggy pasta
Lemon fettuccine - flavor option
Lemon cream sauce

Discussion Topics:
• Which sauces to pair with each pasta type
• Ingredients: flours for pasta making
• Equipment: pasta machines