"Reinvent, Rethink, Redefine, and Revitalize
Your Retirement Lifestyle!"


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The New Professional Person's Retirement Lifestyle

Are you among the millions of inspired professional people who are contemplating retirement? Perhaps you are already retired. A significant issue that you will have to deal with is what to do with all of that time.

Without a doubt, retirement today does not resemble our parents’ retirement. We are living longer, more active lives. For most retired professionals, playing bingo and going to the local lodge may not be a vision for the future.

Research indicates that many professionals are looking forward to reinventing themselves and taking charge of their new lives. As a professional retiree you may feel the need to continue your challenging and invigorating lifestyle.

It is crucial that you formulate a comprehensive plan in order to make your new lifestyle fulfilling. Hopefully, you will then be able to rediscover, redefine, rethink and revitalize your being.

This book points you in the right direction. It offers choices to assist you in the development of that plan, and, ultimately into living dreams that heretofore may not have been realized. Gain the confidence you need to deal with the uncertainties of what to do with all of that time. In addition you will be provided with the resources that you need to create a revitalized outlook for your future. All of this is done with an emphasis on personal growth.

This is a book that offers in its entirety, a discussion of specific, detailed, creative, and innovative activity-based recommendations for the professional retiree.

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Technology & Your Retirement Lifestyle:
Tools For The New You

You've probably heard by now that we living longer, healthier lives. So, as we enter our Third Age, that period of time after family and career, a significant area of concern must be what we are going to do with the all of that time.

Hopefully you've devised a plan for retirement consisting of goals that will encourage an invigorating lifestyle. This plan will help you redefine, reinvent, and rediscover yourself. Most research concludes that boomers want to stay active and engage in meaningful activities.

Being comfortable with the Internet, including researching information and e-mailing, is but one example of available "tools of technology" that are there to assist you. An all-important consideration is how we can make life more accommodating during the retirement years. Without a doubt, the "tools of technology" can help. They can make life simpler and give you the support to do what you really want to do.

This book discusses "tools of technology" and recommends ways to be more at ease and adept with those tools. You are presented with clear, understandable ways to incorporate technology into your day-to-day retirement lifestyle. The emphasis is on creativity, continuing education, socialization, personal growth, and the organization of financial tasks.

You will also explore various ways those "tools" can help you make your passion to learn about new hobbies a reality.

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RVing & Your Retirement Lifestyle:
A Cost Effective Way to Live Your Dreams

As we enter our Third Age (that period of time after family and career), many of us are searching for ways to reinvent and redefine ourselves. After all, we are living longer, healthier lives. A recreational vehicle is the perfect tool to assist you in the pursuit of your retirement interests and the realizations of your dreams. It can make life more accommodating. And, the RV lifestyle is very cost effective.

Hopefully you've devised a plan for retirement consisting of goals that will encourage an invigorating lifestyle. This plan will help you rediscover yourself.

Most research concludes that boomers want to stay active and engage in meaningful activities and continue to learn and grow. Imagine the possibilities that the RV lifestyle offers! The true sense of freedom and adventure is wondrous. From enjoying your hobbies, to volunteering, to continuing your education, it is all awaiting you. You can even work part-time from the comfort of your RV. And, with available tools of technology, you can keep connected with your family and handle your financial responsibilities.

This book offers specific information on how the RV lifestyle is cost effective. You can save money and go where and when you want and live the wanderlust lifestyle. Learn how to buy a "frugal" RV, and even camp for free.


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Volunteering & Your Retirement Lifestyle

If you are retired, you are at the point in life where you can come up with your own set of rules and choose which games to play. Remember, since we living longer and healthier lives, we do have the time to experiment and learn new hobbies and interests. You will want to continue to feel significant along with being energized and excited. This is the time for reinvention.

There are many reasons to volunteer. You may have a need to give back and make your community a better place to live. Perhaps you have a commitment to a cause or belief. You may even possess special skills that can be shared. Volunteering offers you the opportunity to meet new people, engage in challenging activities, travel, and even have fun.

Everyone can give something back! Think of volunteering as an exchange. In that vein, these activities can provide a variety of benefits to you. In fact, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Volunteers are also attracted to the work from the learning opportunities provided. The important thought here is for you to carefully consider what you would like to gain from volunteering and which organizations offer you those choices.

This book offers specific information on how to volunteer. A multitude of ways to give back are explored and recommended. You will be excited and invigorated by the opportunities discussed.


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Frugality and Your Retirement Lifestyle:
Live Your Dreams

Most research concludes that boomers want to stay active and engage in meaningful activities and continue to learn and grow. When you have come up with a plan, you will want to see if your projected income and savings can meet the expenses associated with the goals.

It is significant you understand from the outset that this is not a book about how to be cheap during your retirement years. I would like you, the reader, to come away with a feeling of satisfaction from rediscovering yourself. That is, try to live a creative, innovative, and fun lifestyle that is within your means financially.

Frugal living during retirement does not need to entail obstacles to living your dreams. You may not need to change your whole lifestyle. Being frugal involves getting a better deal and may lead to you having fun and doing the things you want for a longer period of time. You can reinvent yourself and realize your passions. Live your dreams!

This book will show you how to do more and different things during these years. Enjoy your retirement lifestyle!


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Hobbies & Your Retirement Lifestyle:
A Path to Self-Discovery

Self-reinvention is a major payoff during this time in our lives. The process can help us realize a deeper truth about ourselves leading to self-discovery. One of the sure ways we can accomplish the preceding, is through hobbies. They can create an invigorated sense of purpose during your retirement years. The hobbies that you participate in can surely offer you some distinct advantages.

These activities can certainly keep you active physically, socially, and mentally. In addition, they may provide you with peace of mind and a feeling of relaxation.

Indeed, you have the potential to make new friends and provide more meaning to your retirement lifestyle along with a feeling of contentment with your life.

The suggestions offered in this book are by no means a complete list. Literally, the sky is the limit. Whatever your imagination perceives as a hobby can indeed turn into the real thing.


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Your Ageless Retirement Lifestyle

Letís welcome aging! Itís important to realize that aging offers new opportunities for growth and development, additional chances to pursue happiness, and more time to live a better life.

Boomers want to take charge of themselves and be vital. Certainly, being vital does affect health in a positive way. Since it is generally agreed that we are living longer and healthier lives and, vitality may readily exceed that of our parents. Most retirees would like to stay active and vital. And, being vital does include pursuing individual interests and causes.

I see aging not as a decline in life, but rather as a way to continually grow. A mind-set that includes courage is important. Certainly, it is important to have a sense of purpose and positive self-image

Try new things and develop new skills while exploring lifeís possibilities. We are living longer, healthier lives so there is time.


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