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Jeffrey Webber was a public school educator for thirty-three years. Many of those years were spent as a Technology Facilitator for his school district. Jeffrey is passionate about living life to the fullest during the retirement years. He and his wife have generally experienced most of the recommendations in his books. Jeffrey has been an avid RVer for forty years traveling around our beautiful country a number of times.

In his first book, entitled The New Professional Person's Retirement Lifestyle, Mr. Webber discusses specific, detailed, creative, and innovative activity-based recommendations for the retiree. The reader is offered choices to assist in the development of that all-important plan for retirement, which can create a revitalized outlook for the future.

In his second book, entitled Technology & Your Retirement Lifestyle: Tools For The New You, he discusses how life can be more accommodating during the retirement years using the "tools of technology." These same tools do indeed support a mobile lifestyle.

In the third book, entitled RVing & Your Retirement Lifestyle: A Cost Effective Way to Live Your Dreams, the reader is presented with specific information on how the RV lifestyle is cost effective. You can save money, go where and when you want and live the wanderlust lifestyle. Learn how to buy a frugal RV, and even camp for free.

In the fourth book, entitled Volunteering & Your Retirement Lifestyle, the reader is offered specific information on how to volunteer. A multitude of ways to give back are explored and recommended. You will be excited and invigorated by the opportunities discussed.

In the fifth book, entitled Frugality and Your Retirement Lifestyle: Live Your Dreams, the reader is offered specific information on how live a creative, innovative, and fun lifestyle that is within their means financially.

In the sixth book, entitled Hobbies & Your Retirement Lifestyle: A Path to Self-Discovery, the reader is offered a path to self-reinvention and discovery through hobbies and other activities that can keep one active physically, socially, and mentally.

In the seventh book, entitled Your Ageless Retirement Lifestyle, the reader can see aging not as a decline in life, but rather as a way to continually grow. A mind-set that includes courage is important.

Mr. Webber has published several articles on Ezinearticles.com. To read them click one of the logos below:

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As Featured On EzineArticles

Mr. Webber has also published an article on retirement planning in Sourcebook, which is a journal for financial planners affiliated with the AIG/Royal Alliance Companies.


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