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If you have an idea for a party you would like to host, please contact us so we can discuss it. We specialize in tailoring what we do for each client so every party or class is a unique event.
Don D., owner/instructor

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We work hard to help make your party a success so your guests have a good time while they learn a few new cooking tips and techniques. Significant effort goes into shopping for the best ingredients, preparing veggies, trimming meat and poultry ahead of time, setting up the kitchen, clearing the table, washing dishes, and leaving the kitchen clean and tidy. You can say "Thanks" with a gratuity, just as you would at a good restaurant.

• Suggested Amount
Gratuitites should be based on the meals portion of your bill (not on venue rental, milage, or other fees) and 15% or $5/person is typical.

• Your Choice
Gratuities can be in cash, check, or via credit card. We use PayPal to accept credit cards.
• a PayPal account is not required
• just select "Don't have a PayPal account?"
• buy in $5 increments, i.e. quantity of 10 = $50
• your receipt will be from Instafax

Click Pay Now to offer a gratuity via credit card. Change the default "quantity" (10) and click "Update" to adjust amount.

We appreciate that many of our clients enjoy wine with food, and we are pleased to accommodate you with BYOB whenever possible. Obviously, events held in some venues will have alcohol restrictions beyond our control.

This is an area where we can save you money! The "bar tab" is often the most expensive part of dining out or entertaining at a restaurant. By providing your own, you can not only realize a tremendous savings, but you can also choose exactly what you want from the large selection at your favorite store.

Several themes accommodate dietary restrictions and provide lactose-free, vegetarian, and organic options. Kosher options are not available at this time. Please contact us with your dietary concerns.

For pricing, please refer to our Themes page. Prices shown include a cash discount and do not include any applicable CT sales tax. Parties on holidays require quotation. Guests added the day of an event can be up to twice the regular price.

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