offers a completely unique online ordering solution to restaurants with take-out menus.

Our web sites have a fax system built-in that can send you orders!

You don't need a computer or internet connection... just your fax machine! Put it near the chef or order desk and you're ready to print orders from the web. It's that simple because INSTAFAX does the work, automatically!

If you already have a web site, we can add INSTAFAX to it so you get take-out orders on your fax.

Any kind of take-out!

1. Instafax prepares your menu for the web. We make it easy for customers to select what they want.
2. We program our system so your orders print out on your fax machine, including credit card info you can enter for payment.
3. You add the web address to your menus, literature, business cards and advertising so customers know where you are.

A web site can help you grow your business!

Sure, you've heard this before, but our system really works.

Unlike print advertising, a web site with INSTAFAX makes it easier to order from you than anyone else.

Our web sites come complete with INSTAFAX ordering for as little as $1 a day!

If you thought you couldn't afford a web site, you can't afford not to have one! Web menus and online ordering is where it's @.