What separates us from the rest?

In the real world, Macs and Windows computers often work together. We specialize in helping Macs and PCs communicate and share data.

Everyone uses their computer in a unique way. We listen to our clients and help them get the most from their computers... their way.

We're proactive. It's better to prevent data loss than have to recover from it later.

Want service or training at your place? No problem. We do house calls (and office calls, of course).

Last but not least, don't bring your sick Mac to a PC guru who doesn't really understand Macs!

Rule #1:
No question is stupid.
Rule #2:
The client and consultant will operate in a climate of mutual respect.
Rule #3:
The consultant will be frugal with client resources as if they were his own.
Rule #4:
Your data is worth significantly more than the equipment it's stored on.
Rule #5:
You deserve timely help. If we can't provide it, we'll recommend someone who can.

Some of the services we offer:

- "Your Mac Guru" New!

- Emergency service

- Networking (ethernet and wireless).

- Setting up peripherals including printers, scanners, and external drives.

- Help you implement a backup strategy to protect your data.

- One-on-one instruction and hand-holding.

- Departmental training and seminars customized to your specific needs.

Example: our special 3-week Quark-to-InDesign transition training series.