INSTAFAX was founded in 1999 with a strong background in engineering, graphics, and business problem solving.

What makes INSTAFAX unique is the virtually unsurpassed level of service offered to our clients. When you call us, you will have our undivided attention.

Unlike large organizations, INSTAFAX will react dynamically to your needs whether this involves an update to your web site, a computer problem, or a documentation project.


INSTAFAX offers:
  • Over 30 years of business experience including over 10 years in web design and hosting

Our Mission:

INSTAFAX will meet or exceed your expectations in whatever service we provide to you.

We will not compromise on parts, supplies, or the effort we put into any project we undertake on your behalf or at your request.

We guarantee that we will do what we promise or refund your money. If we can't meet your requirements, we will tell you so, and we will try to recommend someone who can.