Recording Options

Some cable and satellite providers offer a DVR (digital video recorder). To make up for this, your options include:

HD HomeRun / Silicon Dust or similar computer-based DVR

SimpleTV or similar USB storage-based DVR

• Standalone DVR from assorted manufacturers:
   - Magnavox DVRs record SD and upconvert to HD during play
   - Digital Stream DVRs record HD to internal hard drive
   - Brite View DVRs record SD or HD to internal hard drive
   - Channel Master NEW model with DVR records to external USB drive
   - TiVo DVRs require a monthly subscription or pre-paid service

• Download to USB thumb drive or hard drive (using a computer)
   - MacTubes is our favorite YouTube downloader for Macs
   - download multiple MP4s at the same time in SD or HD
   - try YouTube Downloader for Windows PCs
   - play with Bluray or TV with USB media player

• Many networks stream past shows from their web sites
   - no need to record shows that are streamed

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Note: Some options require a broadband internet connection. Use hard-wired ethernet for best streaming results.