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Oct 7 @ Wethersfield High
Oct 22 @ Lewis Mills
Nov 19 @ Hall High

The author is a mechanical engineer and holds an Extra Class amateur radio license. He also developed patented antenna technology.

Cable-cutters in the news!

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What Students Are Saying

Preface: The challenge is to present technical information to a general audience and be interesting enough to keep everyone awake at the end of a long day. Many students are focused on "the gear" while others want to know what there is to watch and where to find it, creating a balancing act.

Very informative & complete discussion of how to ease the cable fiscal monopoly. Don is a talented & versatile fellow, humorous & entertaining & it was a true delight to spend a night learning from a master.
Elliot, West Hartford

Don't know how you can improve. If you cover less material, or spend more time on specific details that are explained in website, you would short-change us on info. I like your approach.
Dave, Windsor

You did a great job. You remind me of Clark Howard! I felt pretty good about myself when I set up everything and it actually worked.
Diane, Plainville

Instructor was knowledgeable and did great job of presenting his information to the class. Answered all questions directly and made me confident that I could "cut the cord to cable", saving e thousands each year and getting the same services for free or nearly free.
Leo, West Hartford

Don provided clear, very useful information and made it fun with a few anecdotes along the way.
Cindi, West Hartford

Thanks again for your time, teachings and energy.
Cheryl, West Hartford

Don's thorough research and easy instructions translates into savings for you.
Elaine, West Hartford

Best Things: basic understanding of the options available and how to implement them.
Nancy, West Hartford

Well explained with knowledge of the matter. Presentation was phenomenal.
Glicerio, West Hartford

As I’m sure other “students” will agree, the class was excellent. You were informative, educational, and humorous (at least I ‘got’ many of your jokes). I will definitely refer to your website and leave feedback and explore. I can’t wait to implement some of your tricks.
Chip, Windsor

The class was great the information was right on target..it worked for me I now get even more free channels!!!
Patricia, New Britain

Informed us of other places to get free tv options from, which no one else says anything about.
Claude, Burlington

Best Things: learning about the antenna's and how to make and hook them up.
Jayden, Glastonbury

Thank you for running a very well organized and informative class. I really found the information useful, particular the part of the course covering antennas.
Bohdan, Glastonbury

Don knows his stuff! According to Don, in order to save real money cutting the cable, you need to drop BOTH television AND telephone service, and he certainly does give you enough information to do both. Well worth the time!
William, Glastonbury

Was the class worthwhile? -- yes, extremely.
Was the information presented clearly?--yes; explained in terms even technology ignoramuses could understand.
Was the instructor prepared?--yes; incredibly well prepared. Entirely professional and very impressive preparation.
Was there enough time for Q&A?--yes; and we felt comfortable asking questions.
This class was well worth the $$ and I hope we can have more from this instructor.
Ann, Glastonbury

I enjoyed your recent class in Glastonbury. Your presentation and style was light and entertaining.
Ed, Glastonbury

Lots of information presented. Very informative presentation with lots of great suggestions for saving $$.
Rick, Glastonbury

This class provided a wealth of information in lay terms that anyone could understand. Mr. Dickey was more than willing to explain anything we didn't understand. I now know that I do have some good, workable options to avoid giving half my paycheck to the cable company!
Anonymous, Glastonbury

Information was presented for the most part in an understandable manner. Teacher was well prepared, and knew what he was talking about.
Anonymous, Glastonbury

Best Things: I learned what I came to learn. I also learned some things above and beyond what I came for.
Bill, Glastonbury

Best Things: Instructor's knowledge and expertise; willingness and ability of instructor to rephrase and explain technical terminology and concepts for those of us who are not at all expert.
Anonymous, Glastonbury

Best Things: (1) The class followed a website so no note taking needed and you can go back and review the website later. (2) There were actual examples that allowed you to see the quality of the reception , actual antenna's, etc.
Anonymous, East Hampton

Took your class this month. Cut out my ATT uverse tv. Bought a Wingard antenna. Works good.
Claude, Farmington

Best Things: basic clarity & organization of information
Thank you for explaining in basic understandable terms and format.
Charlene, Wolcott

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