Cord Cutting in the Press

Hartford Courant - Kevin Hunt:
He's Paying $200 For Cable? Dump It. Here's The Plan (Touch version)

Time Warner Cable loses 300,000 pay TV subscribers in a quarter

Business Insider:
The 15 Most Disliked Companies In America (Comcast was #4)
Cord-Cutters Have Just Inflicted The 'Worst 12-Month Stretch Ever' On Cable TV Business
Another 1.8 Million People Just Ditched Cable TV

CBS News:
Cutting Cable: Companies Losing Customers

Congratulations Comcast; You're The Worst Company In America!

Daily Finance:
When Will Cable Admit Defeat?

Entropy Economics:
How the Net Works: A Brief History of Internet Interconnection

Netflix, Comcast Hook Up Sparks Web Drama
Time Warner Cable Continues To Bleed Pay-TV Subscribers

Huffington Post:
Cable And Satellite TV Lose Record Number Of Subscribers

Los Angeles Times:
Cord-cutting: Pay-TV companies lose 113,000 customers in quarter

MIT Technology Review:
Five Reasons Cord-Cutting May Not Be For You

MSN Money:
Panic time for cable companies?

New York Times:
Ready to Cut the Cord?
Comcast vs. the Cord Cutters

PBS Mediashift:
Poll: Have You Cut the Cord to Cable and Satellite TV?
A Cord-Cutter’s Life: 10 Lessons Learned
Mediatwits #39: Cord-Cutting Special: Comcast Streampix; Google Fiber
The Cord-Cutters Manifesto
Special Series: Cutting the Cord to Cable TV
Your Guide to Cutting the Cord to Cable TV (2012 update)
I’m Mad as Hell, But I Haven’t (Yet) Cut the Cord

Pocono Record:
Lessons learned after cutting the cable TV cord

The Wire:
How Much More Expensive Can TV Get?

USA Today:
Cable, satellite companies lose record number of subscribers

Wall Street Journal:
Cord-Cutting: Cable's Offer You Can't Refuse
Cablevision Loses Subscribers as It Cuts Back on Promotions

Washington Post:
Pay TV industry loses record number of subscribers

Cable’s Walls Are Coming Down
An Adventure in Cable Cutting – After 11 Months
Cable TV Just Got Boring — So Kill Paid Service With the Best Gear Around
Why I’m Cutting the Cord, and How Cable Can Get Me Back
Banning Netflix From Its Set-Top Boxes Won’t Save Comcast

Yahoo Finance:
The 15 Most Disliked Companies in America
Surprise: ALL the big cable & satellite TV companies made the list!

Yahoo News:
Cable companies lost another 1.8 million pay TV subscribers in Q2