Free Programming

You have a wide range of options to make up for what you lose. Examples include:

   - supported by most Blu-ray players and Smart TVs
   - click for example of PBS programming on YouTube
   - many videos are available in HD
   - quality surpasses what you see in a web browser via Flash

Interpro and SideReel
   - require an "account" which is free but requires signing up for ads

• Streaming to computers & Smart TVs from many networks:
   - ABC
   - CBS
   - FOX
   - NBC
   - PBS

• Streaming supported in Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, and media players
   - example: Hulu (not Hulu Plus which is paid)
   - update player firmware for most complete list of options

• DVDs and videotapes from local libraries

Note: To use YouTube and streaming you need a broadband internet connection. Use hard-wired ethernet for best streaming results.