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Feb 24 @ Wethersfield HS
Apr 1 @ Farmington HS
Apr 6 @ Glastonbury HS
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The author is a mechanical engineer and holds an Extra Class amateur radio license. He also developed patented antenna technology.

Cable-cutters in the news!

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Cut the Cable & Save $$$$

Tired of paying more each year, month after month, for cable or satellite television? Do you get hundreds of channels but have nothing to watch? Take my class and use this site to learn how to get digital television, even HD for free. Yes, it is completely legal. In our area you can receive over 40 channels of free over-the-air TV.

Back in the "old days" watching over-the-air TV usually involved a huge antenna on your roof often producing a snowy signal. In June of 2009, the transition from analog to digital TV changed all that. The antennas are smaller and the picture is crystal clear. In fact, the picture is probably better than what you get now. This is because cable and satellite systems compress video to distribute more channels.

If you have a newer flat-screen TV you probably already have a digital TV receiver. If you have an older tube-type TV you can still get digital TV with a converter box that costs about the same as one month of cable. You could save enough to buy a new HDTV in just a few months!

Learn about "stealth antennas" and how to make one for under $10. We'll focus our attention on the best options for our area. You will learn about some great channels you might be missing like Create and World along with what channels you will lose if you cut the cord or turn your dish into a birdbath. We will also cover options to replace pay-per-view and the DVR with cost-effective choices.

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