"Reinvent, Rethink, Redefine, and Revitalize
Your Retirement Lifestyle!"


Welcome to Your New Retirement Lifestyle

Since we are now living longer, healthier lives, why not make the most of our retirement! We have time enough to explore new avenues of self-expression and try the things we have always wanted to. It is imperative that you devise that all-important plan for retirement in an effort to create an invigorating lifestyle. You really do need to work towards achieving those retirement goals. The challenges you will face are part of the ongoing process of learning and growing.

As we enter the all-important Third Age, that period of time after family and career responsibilities, we can continue being respected, valuable members of society through self-rediscovery. At the same time, we will have created a more positive perception of retirement and increase our self-esteem.

My retirement lifestyles series of books are the tools that you need to make that period of time more accommodating and enriching. You are provided with resources that encourage personal growth, assist you with the reduction of day-to-day time consuming activities, and create a revitalized outlook for the future.





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