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Monthly Rundown


Unbeknownst to most anglers, the sport-fishing season is in full swing by mid May. We catch our first adult keeper striped bass from the end of April to the first week of May. By mid month adult bass have taken up residence and are feeding aggressively on the herring and squid that abound in our waters. Bluefish arrive a week or two after the bass and are plentiful during the second half of the month.


The water and the weather are warming and the sport fishing is heating up. This month boasts truly remarkable striped bass and bluefishing. Striped bass are still aggressively feeding throughout the day and fish in the 30 to 35 pound class are a real possibility. Blues are often mixed in with the bass or are nearby. Some of the best fishing for the larger bass takes place below a school of bluefish. Large bass wait for the disabled baitfish and make easy pickings.

Fluke fishing really takes off in June and remains productive throughout the summer and fall. These fish have made a strong showing in the last couple years and fish to 8 pounds are not uncommon.


July is a transition month. Bass begin looking for cooler water and the Atlantic bonito move in. There are plenty of adult bass and bluefish. Fishing is best in the early morning when the sun is low. Large bass also move to the cooler water on the South side of the Island and are accessible most days.

Bonito usually show during the second half of the month providing a visually exciting fishing experience, Members of the tuna family, Atlantic bonito push bait fish to the surface and boil next to the boat, coming clear of the water in a feeding frenzy. The hookup on light tackle is exhilarating. An initial run of 75 yards in just a few seconds is common.

Fluke remain plentiful offering an enjoyable diversion and make great table fare.


Water temperatures are in the 70’s now. Bass fishing is definitely an early morning and cooler water (South side) pursuit. The big news is bonito. They are here in good numbers and feeding aggressively. This is the best time to catch these 35-mph speedsters. Light tackle spinning and a 9 or 10 weight fly rod are the way to go. Casting into pods of crashing fish creates bonito fever and excitement is in the air.

Fluke are plentiful and make easy targets if you just want to kick back and catch a few great meals.


This month marks the beginning of “The Derby.” Water temperatures have peaked and are now beginning to cool. Bass begin feeding more aggressively now during the day in preparation for their fall migration. Bonito are making way for little tunny or what we call false albacore. They’re similar to bonito however they’re more aggressive and fight harder than bonito. Blistering initial runs of 100 yards are common and sometimes require us to follow them with the boat to prevent being “spooled” on light tackle.


“The Derby” wraps up by mid month however fishing remains strong through month end. Bass and blues are feeding aggressively now throughout the day in preparation for their fall migration. October presents opportunities to tie into some of the largest fish of the season.

As the false albacore move out they make way for the bonito’s final appearance. Bonito are easier to catch now than during the summer and are some of the largest fish of the season. We had our best day of bonito fishing on October 26th a couple years ago.