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June 25, 2012

Hello John:

I was one of the old guys on your afternoon charter last Wednesday which was organized by Chip Blankenhorn. I want to give you a big pat on the back and hu-rah for our trip. Needless to say, the good weather, reasonable seas, and the co-operation of both bait and Striped Bass made the day a "front line" winner. Each of us old guys was very comfortable and we each enjoyed our catches. The two boys, Ben and Andy, had the very best experience possible. They experienced a bit of work ethic,ie: no fishing until you catch the bait, and a lot of sport with some great sized fish. Further, you introduced them to the concept of not catching fish until you get all the prerequisite factors to be correctly aligned, tide, bait, presentation, and methodology. I would also suggest that "Nothing in life is automatic or guaranteed" but if you hire the "pro from Dover" your chances of success go up.

I appreciated your making a lesson on the resource to the boys, only keep what you will consume, but keep and consume all that you kill. We made ceviche from at least two of the filets that served as part of our cocktail hors d'ouvre offering for the balance of our stay and grilled enough fresh filets to serve 12 the day after the trip. The balance of the fish was delivered to our host and hostess for a family feed the following week.

In closing, thank you. There is nothing more important in my mind in dealing with folks new to the sport than, 1) making it fun, and 2) developing a respect and love for the resource. You accomplished both goals with flying colors.

Marshall Wilkinson
Irvine, California

June 29, 2010

Dear Captain John,

Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful day Joyce and I had with you out on Martha's Vineyard Sound. Your knowledge of the area was exceptional and really helped make our vacation more enjoyable. The striped bass you put us onto was also a real treat!

We can't wait to come back next year. Until then, wishing you all the best!

Don Dickey
West Hartford, CT

July 29, 2003

Dear Captain John,

Thanks again for a wonderful fishing trip last week. Dan and I had a very fun time, as I’m almost certain you did too. I have fished a number of party boats, as well as private charters over the years. The experience you provided was top notch in every aspect. Your trip will certainly be a long lasting memory. I look forward to the opportunity to fish with you again. Feel free to have anyone e-mail me to discuss a trip.

David Roemer

July 29, 2003

Dear Captain John,

You've ruined me!!! As the least experienced member of our fishing trip, I hold you personally responsible for every bad fishing trip that I may take in the future. With so little to compare my experience on the Jean-Marie with, every time I go on a fishing trip from now on, I will expect to catch monster fish every time I drop my line, and have an amazingly entertaining and expert guide and captain… Shame on you...

I guess the adage "the first time is always the best" applies here.

Seriously, thank you for a great experience. As I said on the boat, this fishing trip had to be one of the five best days of my life.

Your buddy,
Dan Macpherson - Rochester NY

August 25, 2002

Dear Captain John,

Thanks for a most enjoyable time fishing last week. Every aspect of the trip, from the planning and talking to or emailing you to the time out on your boat and fishing, was handled as if we were the most important people on earth. Your attention to detail and friendly professionalism is not often seen these days.

I want to especially thank you on behalf of my father-in-law, Ed, and my son, Matt, because it was very important to me that they had a good time, and you did not disappoint. I look forward to fishing with you next trip, and feel free to have anyone email me for a referral.

Paul Ruggeri