Sending Us Files

The Simple Solution

We encourage our customers to send us press or print quality Adobe PDFs whenever possible. We do not recommend screen or eBook quality PDFs.

PDFs are compact, reliable, and contain all the necessary linked graphics and embedded fonts. Creating and sending us PDFs eliminates most of the problems associated with supporting multiple computer platforms running an assortment of operating systems and DTP/graphic software applications. All DTP and graphic applications now support exporting PDFs without the need to purchase additional software.

Supported Applications

We also support many of the major PC and Macintosh software applications for producing print-ready artwork, including the following:

Adobe InDesign®

  • Please include 1/8" bleed on all sides of your layout.
  • Remove any unused fonts, style sheets, and colors from your document.
  • Create the document layout size at the intended output size (For example, do not "float" and 8.5" x 11" page within an 11 x 17 page layout).
  • Package file to include all linked graphics and fonts.


  • Please include 1/4" bleed on all relevant sides of your layout
  • Do not stylize type in QuarkXPress as it may result in font substitution or problems with the output (Example: Use Helvetica Bold instead of Helvetica with a bold style applied to it in QuarkXPress)
  • Remove any extraneous fonts, style sheets and colors from your document
  • Do not specify any trapping within QuarkXPress
  • Whenever possible, place images at their final size (Do not scale raster images within QuarkXPress)
  • Whenever possible, create the document layout size at the intended output size (Example: Do not “float” an 8.5" x 11" page within a 11" x 17" page layout)
  • Ask your representative in advance whether a file is to be submitted in reader or printer spreads
  • Avoid using the “Hairline” line thickness for lines. Use .25pt thickness instead.
  • Check the Font/Picture Usage dialog box to ensure that the status appears as “OK” for all elements used
  • If using special plug-ins or XTensions, please contact your service representative to ensure we have them available prior to outputting your job

Adobe Illustrator®

  • Delete any stray points and colors not used within the job from the color palette
  • Remove any artwork that is hidden or off of the page that is not intended to print
  • We prefer to trap all artwork but if you decide to perform any trapping, please indicate this in red on your proof (please beadvised that you take responsibility for your trapping results)
  • Do not change the Output Resolution settings from the defaults
  • Avoid rasterizing artwork in Illustrator as it can create output problems
  • Blends and gradients often produce banding when there are not enough “steps” (consult your representative to confirm if thegradient is acceptable to print)

Adobe Photoshop®

  • All images should be high-resolution (300 dpi)
  • Save images as TIFF (no LWZ compression) or EPS (Encoding: Binary) (JPEG, GIF or other file formats are low quality formats notintended for print production output)
  • Whenever possible, supply images at their final size used in the page layout program (do not use the page layout program to scale your raster images)
  • When embedding clipping paths within an EPS document, use a flatness setting of 3 and avoid complex paths with many points
  • Please include 1/4" bleed on all relevant sides of your image
  • When sending us your files, please include the original layered file in case changes are required
  • Ensure spot colors used in Photoshop match the color names in the layout program used (Example: Pantone 285 CV vs. Pantone 285 CVC vs. Pantone 285 C)
  • Do not save or embed a color profile with any file


  • When using PostScript typefaces, please provide both the screen and printer fonts with your design files. When possible, please avoidusing TrueType fonts in your design as they can often produce output problems.
  • Please supply all typefaces used in any support files.
  • Vector-based programs such as Adobe Illustrator allow you to convert type to outlines; when doing so, it is not necessary to collect the converted fonts but be aware, any changes to type that may occur after the job has been submitted to us can not be altered.


  • When submitting a job to us electronically, please provide an Adobe Acrobat® PDF proof of the files
  • When supplying a job via removable media, please:
  • Indicate all colors including spot colors
  • Make sure the proof contains the latest version of your document (if any alterations have been made since the printout, please mark them in red)
  • Indicate For Position Only (FPO) or low resolution images (any image not marked on the proof will be considered “live” and part of the final output)
  • Mark your proof for any die-cuts, spot varnishes, scoring, folds, embossing, gluing, punching
  • Supply contact information (company name, personal name, phone number)

Removable Media

The following is a list of media accepted by us:

  • CD-R/CD-RW
  • DVD-R

Please label each disk with your name and phone number.

Do not compress your files when saving to any disc.

Internet Transfer (E-Mail/FTP)

  • Compress your files prior to sending via E-Mail or FTP using the .ZIP format.
  • Please contact your sales representative prior to sending your files or to set up an account.
  • The maximum compressed file size for e-mail is 10MB. The maximum compressed file size for FTP is 1GB.
  • Please include an Adobe Acrobat PDF of your project for proofing purposes.

File Submission Checklist

This checklist has been prepared as a guide for you to follow when submitting files to us.

  • Whenever possible, utilize a software application tool collection method to gather your job for output.
  • Noted software applications and versions used
  • Noted special plug-ins or XTensions used
  • Files have been built with 1/4" bleed
  • Files are provided at final size (when possible)
  • Embedded artwork is high-resolution (300 dpi)
  • All colors have been specified and extraneous colors removed
  • Spot colors output as indicated on supplied proof or have been converted to process (when applicable)
  • Banding has been eliminated in all gradients
  • All images and layered support files have been included
  • All fonts have been supplied, including those found within any support files
  • FPO or low-resolution images have been marked on the proof
  • Die-cuts, spot varnishes and folds are marked on the proof
  • Final printed directory of all files on supplied disk
  • Contact information (company name, personal name, phone number)
  • Confirm pick-up of disk and mock-up from Hichcock representative
  • Back-up your file

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