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Emergency Preparedness
In recent times we've seen Puerto Rico, Florida, and Texas significantly affected by severe weather emergencies. Natural disasters, severe weather events, and industrial accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and seem to be more likely than ever. Do you have an emergency plan for your family? Is your emergency kit packed and ready? Do you know how and when to shelter-in-place and where the local shelters are when you can't? Advance planning and preparation may be crucial to your family's ultimate survival. Learn about water and food requirements, emergency lighting and heating options, medical and personal hygiene needs, when and how to evacuate, and how to develop plans for communication and family rendezvous during and after a crisis. Be smart. Be ready.
• Thursday - April 5 @ Conard High School
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Cut the Cable (or Ditch the Dish) and Save $$$
Tired of paying more each year, month after month, for cable or satellite television? Do you get hundreds of channels but have nothing to watch? Take this class to learn how to get digital television, even HD for free. Yes, it is completely legal. In our area you can receive over 30 channels of over-the-air television. Learn about "stealth antennas" and how to make one for under $10. You will also learn about some great channels you are missing on cable (or a dish) like Create and World along with what channels you will lose if you cut the cord. We will also cover options to replace pay-per-view and the "triple-play" with better and more cost-effective choices. You could save enough to buy a new HDTV in just a few months. Running Thursday evenings as follows;
• Thursday - April 19 @ Conard High School
Call Farmington Continuing Ed at 860-404-0290 OR
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• Thursday - May 3 @ Glastonbury High School
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Save $$$s on your Cell Phone
Do you spend more than $35/month for cell service? More than $30/person for a "family plan"? Do you want a new phone but not another 2-year contract? Want a phone that works both here and also outside the US without breaking the bank? Take this class to learn how to save money on a phone and service. Examples: $12/month for 250 minutes + 250 texts or $30 for unlimited talk and text with 2GB of high-speed data or $110 for 4 lines with 12GB of shared data. How about $30 for a full year of service with 240 minutes, perfect for emergencies! You can stay on your current network and keep your number too. We'll cover some great options, and many even let you bring your own phone when your contract runs out. You can save enough in a few months to get a free phone if you need one!
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Other Tech Classes:
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Scanning the Airwaves
Did you know it is completely legal and both interesting and entertaining to listen to local police, fire, and EMTs on the radio? It is also a great way to know what's going on in your community ... lots of action you'll never see in the news. There are other interesting signals you can tune in like airplanes and trains, and we'll touch on shortwave and "ham" radio too. In this class we'll focus on how to listen to public service radio broadcasts using a scanning receiver. We'll also show you how to listen using your computer, tablet, or smartphone with no radio required! We'll cover equipment, frequencies, and the secret "codes" police use on the air. Come have a listen and learn how to do it yourself. It can be a lot of fun! (not running this term)

Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite
This class will introduce you to Adobe’s flagship package: Creative Suite. Each night we will focus on a different application for about an hour covering 2 programs each class. The first week we’ll start with Photoshop, the de facto standard for working with digital photographs. We’ll also introduce Illustrator, the leading drawing package for graphic artists. The second week we’ll explore InDesign, the industry standard for desktop publishing. We’ll also cover Acrobat Professional, the gold standard for working with PDFs. The last night we’ll use Dreamweaver to create a web site and briefly explore Flash, the program used to create motion graphics for the web. The goal is for you to learn which (if any) programs you want to explore further. If you have a creative mind, proficiency in any of these apps can enable a rewarding career path in the world of digital graphics. A fully functional edition of the complete suite will be provided which will run for 30 days on your Mac or Windows computer. (not running this term)