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Blogging is all the rage these days, and everyone was telling me I need a blog, so here you go. This is my food blog!

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With so many people watching cooking shows on the Food Network, Travel Channel, and PBS's Create Network, it is obvious there is more interest now than ever before in food and cooking of all sorts.

I created this site as a communication medium to share recipes, photos, class notes, and tips with students, friends, and family. Feel free to look around and find something useful. The deeper you dig, the more you'll find.

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Cooking parties are great for birthdays,
bachelorettes & showers, anniversaries,
or just for fun and make a great gift.
Have one for the "foodie" in your life!

Also popular as team-building events.



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Sweet Deals

Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachment Kit

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Coming in the WINTER/SPRING term
West Hartford @ Conard High School
Assorted Bagels Feb 26
Great Breads of the Baltic begins Mar 5
Great Whole Grain Breads begins Apr 16
Classic Sauces from Scratch Mar 7
Perfect Roast Chicken 2 Ways Apr 4
Perfect Pan-roasted Duck Breast May 2
Glastonbury @ Glastonbury High School
British Baking Show Breads begins Mar 6
Filled Italian Pasta Apr 3
Pizza Night May 1
Simsbury @ Henry James School
Fantastic Sticky Buns Mar 4
Fresh Made Pasta Apr 1
Wethersfield @ Silas Deane Middle School
Bavarian-style Pretzels Mar 18

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